what’s wood wool?

That’s a good question! Wood wool is a light, bio-degradable void fill made from shredded timber. Lots of people have probably seen wood wool either in a hamper at Christmas or in a super market packed in a cheese and wine set…..the thing is not a lot of people know much else about it so let us tell you a little story…….Wood wool was invented over 200 years ago and became very popular in the pottery industry and was used to keep items safe and secure whilst they were transported on the back of horse carts. At the start of the 19th century wood wool was the most popular form of loose fill packaging, but then in the 50’s something happened……polystyrene became popular……remember these were the days when people were sat at their desks smoking so being eco friendly wasn’t the most important thing on their minds! Because of this eventually most of the wood wool factories closed down and the industry nearly died! The good thing for us is that the world is now thinking straight and we care about being greener so the oldest, greenest form of packaging is on a huge comeback…….the fact we now work with several major high street retailers proves that its wood wool’s time again!


the technical bit

There is quite a bit of technical information on the specification of wood wool so if you need to know more on that side of things let us know and we can send you a technical data sheet.

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