Coffin Pillow Filler

Funeral directors have been using wood wool as a coffin pillow filler for many many years. The product has a long list of benefits when used for this application and feedback from people within the funeral industry confirms that it outperforms cardboard and shredded paper as a pillow filler. Wood Wool moulds pillows perfectly, is highly combustible as well as biodegradable and also gives off zero toxicity when ignited.

If you’d like a free sample click on the link below or to speak to one of our team about using wood wool for coffins please click here to send a message, call 0330 043 2047 or email [email protected]

Gift & Hamper Packaging
Gift & Hamper Packaging

Why choose Wood Wool Coffin Pillow Filler?


  • Outperforms cardboard & shredded paper

  • highly combustible

  • bio -degradable


  • PH Neutral & Odourless

  • quick & easy to use

  • FSC Certified

  • hand made in UK

Free wood wool!

We think you'll love wood wool as much as we do, which is why we'd like to send you a sample. Just let us know where to send it and it's on its way

Wood Wool Testimonial

We have been using wood wool as a pillow filler from Wood Wool UK for many years now and we are delighted with the product. Wood wool performs much better as a filler as it moulds a better shape for the pillow, is more combustible and is also more Eco-friendly

Simon Williams – The C. J. Williams Funeral Service

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