A bit about us…..

Wood Wool UK was started in 1996 by Jon Pardoe and Louise Watkins who both had a vision to regrow the wood wool industry in the UK. Up until that point wood wool was mainly used for industrial packaging and animal bedding for Zoos but both John and Louise knew wood wool had a much wider potential and purpose.

Over the last 20 years Wood Wool UK has grown and grown and now sits proudly as the UK’s leading wood wool manufacturer. As Jon and Louise predicted the wood wool industry is very healthy again and wood wool is now used by many high street retailers for packing multiple applications which includes gifts, hampers and wine sets to name a few.

The other main benefit of wood wool (which we always knew at Wood Wool UK) is that its eco friendly which fits perfectly into the modern, organic, health conscious world we live in today.

We hope you love our wood wool as much as we do 🙂

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