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Vast amounts of oil are used every year in the production of polythene, polystyrene and plastic products used within the world of packaging, everybody is in daily contact with products like bubble-wrap, poly chips etc but have you stopped to think what happens to these products when they have been disposed of? They do not rot away, they cannot be incinerated and they are not bio-degradable, in fact oil based products are helping to create a global mass of waste matter, virtually indestructible and presenting ever increasing difficulties for disposal, and when the oil fields run dry they are gone forever.

These days more and more people care about the environment and the fact that it is now standard practice for all households to recycle proves just that. We at Wood Wool UK are very proud of the fact that wood wool is an eco-friendly product – completely bio-degradable. A question we get asked quite a lot is how can we be eco friendly if we are cutting down trees??? There’s a simple answer…..we only buy our timber from responsible sources.

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