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A short time ago, we received a call from Howletts Animal park in Canterbury calling for some Woodwool to use as bedding for a female Gorilla known as “BOMAR” in distress with an eye infection that wasn’t clearing up.

We were delighted to donate a full pallet of Woodwool free of charge to aid the Gorillas eye problem as it was thought that the dust content in the current bedding of hay and straw was adding to the problem. Woodwool made by ourselves is completely free of dust or any other harmful bacteria and can only aid in the clearing up of Bomars condition.

When Our Hauliers, messrs SMT Transport heard about the plight they too helped by slashing the delivery cost of the pallet .

SMT Transport have been around for at least 85 years , are still a family concern and we have found them to be absolutely reliable, efficient and cost effective. They get our goods to our customers no matter what .unlike many other contractors whose website promises everything but delivers very little. Their drivers are very helpful courteous and knowledgable all of whom have a “Can do “ attitude.

SMT are the only haulage contractors that we trust implicitly with our reputation.

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